Values, Ethical Practice & Fair-Trade Fashion

Our style may be reckless, but our garment production is responsible, sustainable and ethically sound.

Established in 2012, State of Disarray is a young, ethically conscious independent fashion label, trading online and at the hottest UK music festivals. We're hyped to take you behind the scenes and show you why you'll feel fabulous dressed Disarray designs for all the right reasons!

Taking inspiration from award winning ‘sustainable fashion innovator’ Orsola De Castro, State of Disarray offers high quality garments which are made to last. Not only do we resourcefully source many luxury fabrics, considered to be surplus waste from other designer brands, Disarray then donates the offcuts from our own production to other independent makers and pre-schools in Hanoi.  

‘'’Demand Quality, not just in the product you buy but in the life of the person who made it’’   - (Orsola de Castro)

After an epic summer in the festival fields, designer Tabitha Green aka: Captain Disarray re-locates to her studio 'State HQ' at her home in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here she spends the winter months creating custom orders, designing for the next seasons dress-up themes and bringing her fashion fantasises to life.

In Hanoi the Captain individually designs each garment, hand picking every fabric, thread and fastener from small local suppliers, supporting independent businesses and ensuring that the materials used in Disarray designs are both high quality and unique to the brand.

For the traditional textiles used in some Disarray designs, the Captain goes straight to the source, adventuring by motorbike to the remote mountain markets of northern Vietnam. ‘’It’s always a mind-blowing rollercoaster of a trip sourcing fabrics this way, but learning how to trade with the locals means cutting out the middle man, so the makers are paid at the rate which reflects the true value of their craftmanship’’.

Back in Hanoi, the Captain works directly with her small team of independent tailors in a close-knit community of self-appointed aunties and uncles.   

As a designer, maker and Vietnamese speaker the Captain can oversee all aspects of production to ensure that our garments are ethically produced by a skilled team, in a safe environment with no risk of outsourcing or exploitation. Trading in the local language puts everyone at ease and the tailors we work with are paid at a rate which truly reflects the high quality of their craftmanship.

The team has stuck with the Captain through the rocky seas of starting up a fashion label and thanks to their dedication and loyalty all our business have grown together. Everyone takes great pride and satisfaction in creating high quality, designer garments which are made to last for many discos to come!