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Measurement Chart - Unisex Bomber Jacket


Size & Garment Measurement Chart

  1. Ahoy Superstar! These are garment measurements (not body), which are taken from a flat-laid jacket.
  2. Please allow 1cm play in our garment measurements, as we are familiar with handmade pieces.
  3. When stretch fabric is used, the chart shows the garment measurement taken in a flat, relaxed position, plus the measurement it stretches to.
Bomber Jacket - Garment measurement chart - State of Disarray
  • Chest/Bust:  From under-arm seam to under-arm seam
  • Waistband: The elasticated band at the bottom of the jacket.  The chart shows measurement of the band from a relaxed to stretched position.
  • Jacket Length: From the nape of the neck on the back to the bottom of the waistband.
  • Sleeve-length Underarm:  From the armpit to the end of the cuff, along the underarm seem.
  • Washing & Care
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