Festival Super Crew | Guide Pack 2024


Ahoy Sparkle Superstar!

Thanks for your interest in joining the State of Disarray 2024 Festival Tour. 

We're looking for fun, friendly, reliable, and resilient humans with strong face-to-face sales skills and a proactive work ethic to join our Dream Team at the UK's hottest festivals. Please read this guide before completing the application.

A season in the State of Disarray is not for the faint-hearted!

Crewing the Good Ship Disarray is an epic experience!  It’s exhilarating, exhausting, fun-filled and fabulous; it’s outrageously exciting and occasionally overwhelming. It’s tough and intense at times, but most of all, it’s an empowering summer spent soaked in sparkles and surrounded by exceptional humans.

This is How We Roll,

Build & Break:  It takes one full day to set up before the event and one full day to pack down after the event. This involves heavy lifting and manual labour to help build and break the displays, stall structure, and crew camp, even in turbulent weather conditions. 

Show Days: Four ‘live show’ days with fixed shifts on a very busy shop floor. This is a demanding sales role that requires high energy, enthusiasm, and confidence to engage our customers in an uplifting and enjoyable manner. You must also successfully close sales and ensure the shop is well-stocked, ship-shaped, spruced, and spotless.


Preference is given to applicants who have the most relevant sales experience/transferable skills and who can commit to the most events. 

We favor applicants who genuinely love our products, support our brand and enjoy dressing up.  If you are new to Disarray then welcome to the family! Get familiar with our brand on Instagram and Facebook and learn about our products , ethics & values and behind the scenes blog on our website.   

Disarray You better Don’t

Despite our name’s sake, we run a tight ship in Disarray. If you have landed here searching for an easy 'in' to a party, then sorry, Superstar, this isn’t the right route.  While your time off at the festival is yours to do as you please, the Disarray crew must be sober, rested, well-groomed, on form and looking fabulous at the start of each shift.

While we LOVE a good disco on our nights off in Disarray and may sometimes celebrate smashing a shift with a glass of fizz or two, attempts to pull off an ‘up all night’ session and then sail straight into work will not be tolerated by the captain or your fellow crew.  

Disarray You Better Do

Festivals are what we do best. What sets our flagship stall apart from the rest is our commitment to providing an unforgettable shopping experience for all the right reasons.  Whatever the weather, we overcome obstacles as a team and always bring our ‘A’ Game. 

We offer desirable paid and voluntary roles in the fashion, retail and specialist events sectors, which can also serve as excellent opportunities for fellow makers, designers and aspiring small business owners who want to learn the ropes and improve their sales skills.

We offer the unique chance to get your paw in the door and experience the reality of what it takes to succeed as an independent slow-fashion brand…. In a field…and sometimes in a week-long thunderstorm.

We have three types of opportunities on offer for 2024.  


Opportunity 1. Paid Positions - Show Day Sales + Build & Break.  

  • Glastonbury: Tues 25th June - Mon 1st July. FULLY BOOKED
  • Secret Garden Party: Wed 24th July - Mon 29th July. 3 Places available
  • Wilderness Festival: Wed 31st July - Mon 5th Aug. 3 Places available
  • Shambala Festival: Wed 21st Aug - Mon 26th Aug. 2 Places available

This opportunity is paid in GBP (NMW) during show days. 8 hours per day, divided into two rotating shifts of 4 hours per shift.  Build & Break days are paid at the equivalent rate of (NMW) but as Store Credit.  

Food is supplied, with meals provided as a shared team effort from our crew kitchen area. Crew Tickets and Parking passes are provided. Successful applicants must commit to the full duration of the event/s they apply for.

The crew is expected to arrive on-site (before accreditation gates close) the evening before their first build shift begins. This is to set up their camp before their first shift the following morning.  


Opportunity 2. Voluntary Positions - Sales Assistant

  • Shindig Festival: Thurs 23rd May - Sun 26th May 1 Place available.
  • El Dorado Festival: Thurs 11th July - Sun 14th July 3 Places available.
  • Mucky Weekender: Thurs 5th sept - Sat 7th Sep 2 Places available.

This opportunity is for a volunteer role. One easy 4-hour shift to assist the core crew as we sell, re-stock, cook for the crew, etc. per day on a rotating timetable in return for a crew festival ticket, parking pass (if required) and food. 

Successful applicants must commit to the full duration of the event/s they apply for. This opportunity is for 'show days only', no build & break.

Volunteers must arrive on-site (before accreditation gates close) the evening before their first show-day shift begins.  That evening, there will be a brief induction and time to set up camp before the show starts.   


Opportunity 3. Voluntary Positions: Build & Break

  • Shindig Festival: Wed 22nd May & Mon 27th May 1 Place available.
  • El Dorado Festival: Wed 10th July &  Mon 15th July 1 Place available.
  • Mucky Weekender Festival: Wed 4th Sept & Sun 8th Sep 1 Place available.

This opportunity is for a volunteer role. One (up to) 8-hour shift, with appropriate breaks, to help build the stall and one (up to) 8-hour shift to break/pack down the stall (likely to be less), in return for a crew festival ticket, parking pass (if required), and food on the days worked. 

Successful applicants must commit to both build & break days.

Build & Break Volunteers must arrive on-site with ample time to reach the pitch and start work (this may be the evening before, depending on travel time to the event). 'Break day shift' to end in the evening time, so they should make appropriate travel arrangements.


Still keen to join the team? Discover more and
Thanks again for your interest! Spaces are snapped up fast, so don’t dally if you want to spend a sun-kissed summer sparkling in a glorious State of Disarray.
Captain Disarray & the Ocelot of Dreams (aka Tabitha & Dan )