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Whaaat?! Disarray Does Jewellery Now?

That's right Superstars! Check out our latest escapade! Danny Disarray in his hand-built home studio Aka: the garden shed turned disco cave of creativity. Yes Team! Scroll for more action shots and product pics and read on if you'd like to know more about how the State story has taken this turn, and view the range here

Danny Disarray is my fabulous fella, who in recent years also became co-director of the State of Disarray. Having lost two festival seasons and pop-up shop events to the pandemic, we had no choice but to reduce our garment production in Hanoi of the last year.

We chose to spread the seasonal work across a longer time period in order to ensure we could stay on top of overheads, and keep our team of independent home tailors employed at a feasible level for everyone. Some income is better     than none, and working at a slow and steady pace allowed us all to manage time and expectations more effectively during such an uncertain time.

In fact, it's given us all space to find new ways to create back-up plans and even develop our small businesses too. Dan has done an amazing job at diversifying Disarray by adding his own statement jewellery line to our online store.

We love that we now offer products which are handmade in the UK. Dan's acrylic laser cut neck chains are just the beginning and we have oodles of ideas to add to the mix, and we look forward to launching our up-cycled wood range too. Plus, he's even designed and produced our own recycled and degradable, branded packaging too. BRAVO DAN! 

Dan creates custom necklace orders via our website and the response from you superstars has been epic so THANK YOU everyone!  Look out for more new designs coming soon, hit up the Jewellery Range to explore more  for orders and custom pieces and contact us with with any questions, we can't wait to kit you out!

Find out what action you can take at fashionrevolution.org and discover Discover more about our own story in this series of Blog posts and by visiting our Ethics and Values page too.

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