Emerald & Purple Starlight - Spacesuit

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Strap on your rocket pack and prepare for some seriously supersonic interplanetary playtime!

Score a glitter-galactic unisex jumpsuit from another dimension in a limited edition colour combination! 

Special Features Include:

  • 1/2 Super shiny emerald green spandex.
  • 1/2 Super shiny midnight purple spandex.
  • Super shiny gold spandex panels and shoulder trims.
  • Oversized hood with padded rim and super soft fleece lining.
  • Front zip to keep you cool while you look banging hot on the dance floor.
  • Spandex is the true fabric of space! It's Super strong, stretching in every dimension and holding you in from every angle! An anagram of 'expands', spandex fits and flatters most shapes and sizes....To infinity and beyond!
  • Limited edition and tailor-made.

Garment Care & Fitting Advice:

  • WARNING: hood lining colours may vary.
  • Hand wash with care.
  • Assorted fibers. 
  • Model wears size (M/L)
  • If you require specific garment measurements, please contact:  thecaptain@stateofdisarray.co.uk