Emerald Disco Fish - Hood

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We're bubbling with excited! Discover your inner disco fish and sparkle your way to new intergalactic galaxies.

Disco fishes have all the fun, especially on the dance floor. Mixing up the moves with your tail and fins that move to the groove and sparkle to the beat. 

Special Features Include:

  • Incredibly cosy 'over sized' animal hood
  • Super soft green fur lining.
  • A magical mix of high quality faux fur
  • Holographic fish scale print fabrics are tailored together with sparkling spandex ears
  • Handmade buttons to match.
  • Bonus round... wear over a ski helmet and be the best dressed on the slopes.
  • Limited edition and tailor-made.

Garment Care & Fitting Advice:

  • Hand wash with care.
  • Assorted fibers. 
  • If you require specific garment measurements, please contact: thecaptain@stateofdisarray.co.uk