Hybrid Hood - Outrageous Ocelot - Hood

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The Captains Choice! Meet the Ocelot of dreams! With those outrageous ears he'll lead you to the nearest disco in no time!   

We love a mega animal hood in Disarray. Go feral in the festivals with this super exclusive design, with only 2 pieces available this season it's a rare breed indeed 

Go on...discover your inner disco animal 

Special Features Include:

  • Incredibly cosy 'oversized' animal hood
  • High quality Grey faux fur.
  • Super soft ocelot print fabric.
  • Fleece lining.
  • Silver metallic ears with glitter finish.
  • Handmade buttons to match.
  • Bonus round... wear over a ski helmet and be the best dressed Superstar on the slopes.
  • Limited edition and tailor-made.

Garment Care & Fitting Advice:

  • Hand wash with care.
  • Assorted fibers. 
  • If you require specific garment measurements, please contact: thecaptain@stateofdisarray.co.uk